ZenTao 10.3.1 is released!

2018-09-11 10:31:00

ZenTao 10.3.1 is released! This release is to fix bugs mainly.

Installation and Upgrade Manual

Change Log


1938 QA->Bug. Edit a bug and choose Link Product. Only builds in this project can be selected.

2046                    Delete a product line. The prompt should change Module to Product Line.

2047                    The page of Edit Bug should be optimized.

2063                    Change the translation of Test Build to Test Task.

2069 Page button is not displayed when clsoing a test case of a test task.

2080                    Interface overlap after setting the priority of test cases of a test task.

2106                    Unexecuted test cases that are linked in a test task are displayed in a test report.

2117 Bug assignees are not recorded after being changed.

2118                    The display of text boxes of test case steps is wrong.

2119                    The test case result is not reset after it is linked to a test suite.

2121 Manage Doc is displayed as Manage Module.

2122 Integrate with Git. Only a comment is read.

2124 Batch Add Task has errors.

2127 If adding more than 10 records at a time, it is abnormal.

2128                    Error in displaying bugs in QA.

2131 Error in the type of Todo.

2136 Drag and drop in Kanban, but it didn't refresh itself.

2137 Delete spaces before and after the password when setting it.

2139 Delete the build of a project, but it shows in the dropdown when generating QA reports.

2140                    Modules have the same name can be created.

2142                    Click Add Project on Product Home, but the link is wrong.

2143 Upload a file..apk can't be downloaded.

2144 mysql8 check code and it has errors.

2146 Description field is too narrow on the page of Batch Breakdown Task.

2148                    Differentiate bug priority and severity in colors.

2151 Error in calculating the numbers of tasks.

2153 Clear all the team members of a project that is linked to a product, and then the bug of that product can't be assigned.

2154 Privilege of a bug is wrong.

2155 Change a module of a branch, then it will not show.

2156                    QA. The page of Report Bug is incomplete.

2157 Change Linked Product in a module of a branch, but the product will not show.

2161 Create a project. Click Copy a project and link plans. The plan field is empty.

2178 Project Home. The number of projects is miscalculated.


Source Code Package



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