ZenTao IOS 1.3.1 has been released! Attachement related function is finally here!You can view attachment in Story, Ta...
4606   2016-07-13

ZenTao Pro 5.3.1 is released!

ZenTao Pro version 5.3.1 I is released!About ZenTao Pro versionZenTao Pro version is based on the open source ver...
ZenTao project management system 8.2.2 is released!
6096   2016-03-25

ZenTao 8.1.3 is released!

The open source project management system zentao released 8.1 version.
4550   2015-12-02

ZenTao 8.0 is released!

We're very glad to annouce the release of zentao 8.0 version.
ZenTao 7.3 version is released now, with more than thirty improvements.
ChangelogNow user can move a module to another product by edit it's product field.Sprints and products can be draged t...
ChangelogSupport deb package.Support rpm package.Add cron service using ignore_user_abort feature of php.Now can sen...
ZenTao 7.0 stable version released! Since 7.0 the license of ZenTao changed from LGPL to ZPL(
Change LogFix the bug: windows stack control panel can't change ports of apache and mysqlRemove the root directory lim...