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Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Co., LTD China, founded in 2010, is a young IT company. We take developing professional open source management tools for our users as our mission and stick to open source and free software. Our products, ZenTao, ZDOO, ZSITE have been helping thousands of companies improve their management.     

We are based in a beautiful coastal city and we are a simple and small team. With our mutual trust, our team operate in a special cooperative way which ensures our efficiency. We pursue positive values for our society, so we give up a lot of commercial profits just to make sure that we stay closely to the core of problems solving, rather than just for commercial profits. Therefore, we are supported by more and more users.

Long as the way it is and we will keep on searching the above and the below. We believe that our core value stays the same even though the world is changing dramatically. Would you like to join us?

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  • About Us
  • Email : Philip@easycorp.ltd
  • WhatsApp : 0086 18563953295
  • Skype : philip517