Privileges in ZenTao 1: View Privileges

2019-08-01 10:28:00
Mirai Ten

ZenTao, as a Scrum tool, has privilege management designed for transparency and openness. However, this does not mean the access control should be void. Actually, privilege management  in ZenTao is designed with much thoughts and consideration.


Generally speaking, privileges in ZenTao are categories as View, Product, and Standard and you can refer to ZenTao vs, Jira 7: Permissions for a comparison of Privilege/Permission between ZenTao and Jira.

View Privilege

View Privileges are managed by user groups under Company->Privilege. Click Manage Sight button and you can manage which feature module can be accessed. Below is the screenshot of all privileges an Admin user has in ZenTao. (Note: It is the default settings that an Admin user in ZenTao has all privileges and access to all features, no matter whether the Admin is set as having certain privilege or not.)

Sight in ZenTao basically means what you can see. On Manage Sight page, you will see

  • Access View/Sight
  • Acess Product
  • Access Project
  • Access Dynamics

Access Product/Project

As Product and Project are essential in ZenTao, you have to select the product/project that you uncheck Product/Project from Access View. Let's uncheck Product for a Developer user and see how it goes.

Uncheck Product from Access View and Access Product is gone. Choose project1 from Access Project, so the user will only have access to the project you select. If you don't choose any projects from Access Project, it means that there is no limit to the user's access and the user will have access to all projects.

Log in as a Developer user, and you can see the Product has been off the menu and the user can only access project1. It is the same logic if you uncheck Project from Access View and select any products that you want the user group to be able to access.

Access Dynamics

Dynamics serves as the news board for a team and you can read what is happening in ZenTao, such as who did what and when.

In ZenTao-Company-Privilege-Manage Sight-Access Dynamics, you can choose which actions you want to be displayed in Dynamics and which you don't. Let's check Create Todo off for the user group of Dev and see what would happen.

Then log in as a Developer user and create a todo. Check Dynamics, there is no such record. Log in as other users, such as an Admin user, you will see the "Create Todo" action is displayed in Dynamics.

Manage Privileges by Groups

Log in ZenTao as an Admin user, and click Manage Privileges by Groups on Privilege page. Check off Delete action from Todo for Dev users, and save.

Log in as a Developer user, and try to delete the todo you just created. You will see no Delete button on the page of that todo, so you cannot delete it.

The privilege management in Company->Privilege is briefly explained and it is far more refined and detailed, so ZenTao users can manage privileges more flexible. You can try it yourself either vIa Online Demo or Download. If you have any questions, contact




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