Title Author Reply
[Technical Support] License purchase and download Renee 1
[Technical Support] How to change url "zentao" to custom name like "tasker" manu 1
[Feedback] Add Agile Estimations Anuraj SL 1
[Feedback] Add 'Re-Opened' Status for Bug Anuraj SL 2
[Technical Support] I installed ZenTao on Nginx. Is there a Nginx server configuration file? philip 1
[Technical Support] La carga de archivos no funciona Jhonatan Andrés 1
[Technical Support] Guest user with whitelist Remiguel 5
[Technical Support] dropdown menus on desktop application are all greyed out hajmola regular 1
[Technical Support] SSO set up in ZenTao Renee 1
[Technical Support] How to change the file size in ZenTao? Renee 1
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