Agile keeps rock the PM world released the State of Testing Report 2018 and gives a glimpse into what is going on in the testing community. With years observation of the testing community, trends regarding traini...
2019/04/15   Amber   97

Set ZenTao runtime environment in CentOS

Preparation Set up LAMP environment in CentOS, and then install ZenTao . Install Apache, My SQL, and PHP. Then test whether LAMP is setup. Install ZenTao Download the latest source code package from...
2019/01/06   John   370

How to become a certified scrum master

Thinking of getting certified is definitely worth doing. As it is reported on Scrum Alliance website, the benefits are Expand your career opportunities across all industry sectors adopting Agil...
2018/12/20   Renee   318

When a bug is found...

2018/02/07   Lily, Renee   585

C Function Call

Parsing the C Function call from the view of compiling Look at the function call below, 1 int Add(int x,int y) 2 { 3 int sum = 0; 4 sum = x + y; 5 return sum; 6 } 7 8 int main...
2018/02/05   Bigshot, Renee   646

6 Developement Tools a PHP Developer Should Know

PHP is the most popular web development language currently. At least 20 million domains use PHP since 2012 and over 80% 0f the server-side programming langu it’s the language for websites used PHP. M...
2018/02/01   Yves   778

How to Implement Scrum in a Development Team Effectively

It might be a great idea not mentioning Scrum at all when implementing it. Try to practice Scrum using another names. PART 1 of Planning Meeting = Story Analysis Meeting Product Owner explains each ...
2018/01/10   Pedro   1128

What is 3-3-5 Structure in Scrum?

The introduction of 3-3-5 structure in Scrum and the case of ZenTao project management software
2018/01/07   Pedro   4989

Is it necessary for programmers to buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

An advanced project management software is more important than iPhone X for development team.
2018/01/06   Pedro   663

LLC, LLP, or Corporation? Which type of business entity to choose for startups?

If you want to start your own business,the first thing you might be considering what business entity to choose. LLC, LLP, or corporation? Each type suits a specific situation. LLP (Limited Liability...
2018/01/04   Pedro   632
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