LDAP authentication

2016-06-17 10:24:03
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LDAP is dependent on the LDAP PHP extension, so it has to load the LDAP extension first. Please refere to Chapter 2.7 Install LDAP extension.

1. Introduction

By configuring LDAP, auto login to LDAP server is integrated with ZenTao. User accounts can also be imported from LDAP.

2. General configuration

Go to Administration->LDAP.

Click LDAP and you will see the page to do LDAP settings. If the configuration is successful and correct, you can use the LDAP user name and password to log in and ZenTao will automatically verify the login and add the user to the database.

Check Anonymous, admin account and password will be hidden, which you do not have to fill in.

Fill in Base DN as shown below,

Login name is the user name in the LDAP server as shown below,

3. Active directory configuration

Select “Active Directory" in Server Type. Because the active directory does not allow anonymous login, so you have to fill in the Admin account and password.

Note: The admin account must have privileges to do administration work on the domain, otherwise it might be an error when you request the data.

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