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2016-06-17 10:26:49
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Through Crystal Report, users can write their own SQL query statements and design their reports according to the results of the query, then generate their own reports. This feature is powerful and flexible. We have a report in ZenTao that users can use it directly or modify it as a reference.

1. Click "Report"->"Custom". If you do not see it, go to "Company" - > "Privilege" to check whether you have the permission.

Click “Change” to modify your SQL or reports.
Click  "Rename" to modify the name/category of a report.
Click "Add Report" to add a report.

2. Add a new report

Click Add Report and you will see the page below.

 Type your SQL statement. Click "Query", you will get a list of this SQL statement.

3. Design report conditions and click Confirm to generate the report. 

Report conditions can be designed according to your own needs. Reports are generated in accordance with the statistics of the field and the corresponding statistical types of Group 1 and Group 2. Group 1 is required, and Group 2 can be optional.

4. If the report has already been designed, you can save the report by clicking "save" and entering the name and category.

5. The report will be displayed in the corresponding category.

6. Click "Add variable" to add variables to the SQL statement. 

Enter the "variable name" (letters or numbers), the name of the variable and choose the format of the input .

There are three types of input, text box (simple text box), the user list (with the user list of the selection box) and date (can choose the date of the control).

Note: If you cannot save it, you may have not done Step 3. If you need to save your modifications on the report, you should go back to Step 3.

This feature can be purchased as extension separately and installed in open source version to use.
Contact us for procurement at

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