ZenTao project management software

the most professional    Open  Source  project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.


ZenTao Project Management System

Product Management

has features including Product Management, Story Management, Planning and Releasing, etc.

Project Management

has Task Management, Team Management, Build Manangement, Burndown Chart, Kanban, etc.

Testing Management

has features including Bug Management, Case Mangement, Test Task Management, etc.

Dashboard Management

has features including My To-Do, My Task, My Bug, My Story, My Project, etc.

Document Management

includes Product Doc Lib, Project Doc Lib. You can also customize document libraries and categorize them.

Customization Management

has menu, module page, exported field, module name display, advanced table, and admini customization.


Why choose ZenTao

open source and free, professional, agile and flexible

Open Source and Free

Based on ZPL protocol

Open source code and no commercial

Strong extension mechanism and rich plug-in


Complete lifecycle management

Cover fully core process of management

Subdivide stories, tasks,defects and cases


Support Agile and Scrum 

Add features that test, document, release, plan and backlog


Both private deployment and Cloud

Apply different administrative scenarios

Defects, stories and tasks can be used in any combination


Try ZenTao Pro

  • Gantt charts, kanban and work logs
  • Calendar, forum, reports and source code integration
  • SVN and Git integration
  • Word and Excel import&export
  • Multiple deployment mode