First start of ZenTao gives empty page for <url>/zentao/
2024-01-22 20:44:16
Alexey Ryzhkov
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The demo looks good with but has some errors.

I just installed with "one click" by extracting tar to /opt.

In case of installed apache2 and mariadb, I successfully changed the apache port to 8087 and mysql/mariadb port to 53306.

But I have an empty page when going into ZenTao from the welcome page.

The page on has no source code at all.

The mysql error log has no issue.

There is no auth form but apache has an error.

The apache2 error log has the unknown issues:
[Mon Jan 22 13:21:30.037172 2024] [auth_basic:error] [pid 31959:tid 140026220365376] [client] AH01618: user root not found: /adminer/, referer:


[Mon Jan 22 13:25:01.083681 2024] [auth_basic:error] [pid 32869:tid 140026134394432] [client] AH01618: user nobory not found: /adminer/, referer:

Could you help with that?

Have a nice day.

2024-02-18 13:05:59
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Hi Alexey ,

Could you contact our technical support



2024-04-29 18:30:34
betty taylor
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When you accessed ZenTao from the welcome page, you encountered a blank page with no error message. This can be frustrating, but we’ll work through it.
The Apache2 error logs you provided show issues related to authentication. Specifically, it mentions users “root” and “nobory” not being found when accessing /adminer/. Let’s address this.
First, could you confirm the version of ZenTao you installed? Knowing the version will help us narrow down potential solutions.
Ensure that the files and directories in your ZenTao installation have the correct permissions and ownership. Incorrect permissions can lead to blank pages.
Verify that PHP is correctly configured for your Apache server. Make sure the necessary PHP modules are installed and enabled.
Review your Apache virtual host configuration for ZenTao. Ensure that it points to the correct directory and has the necessary settings.
Sometimes, cached data can cause issues. Clear your browser cache and try accessing ZenTao again. Cat likes to eat
Enable ZenTao’s debug mode to get more detailed error messages. You can do this by modifying the config.php file in your ZenTao installation.
Confirm that ZenTao can connect to your MariaDB database. Verify the database credentials in ZenTao’s configuration.

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