How to upgrade by source codes (General for all systems)?
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How to upgrade by source codes (General for all systems)?
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The following are upgrade steps general for all systems

1. Upgrade Steps

1.1 Download the latest source code package, a .zip file, from on our website.
1.2 Unzip the file and override the original directory. For example, if ZenTao was installed in the directory c:\xampp\zentao, then override it with the downloaded files. Actions: copy all the files in zentaopms/ and paste in xampp/zentao/. Execute the upgrade programs.
1.3 If the access path of ZenTao is, the upgrade path is 
1.4 Select ZenTao version according to the upgrade wizard instructions and follow it.
1.5 Do not unzip the latest package after removing the original programs. Beware of that it must override the original directory. Do not copy it to c:\xampp\zentao\zentao.

1.6 Notes: Do not download .exe file to upgrade ZenTao, or it will override all the original data.

2. Extension Compatibility

If extensions developed by third party have been installed before upgrade, please check weather the extensions will be compatible with the latest version. 
If you cannot access to ZenTao after upgrade, following steps below to solve the problem.
2.1 Back up the original directories of ZenTao;
2.2 Download the latest package and rename it as zentao
2.3 Copy directories of config/my.php and www/data in the original directories to the directory of the source package freshly downloaded. my.php is the configuration file and www / data is an attachment.