China Open Source Conference 2017

2017-10-16 16:56:00

China Open Source Conference 2017

Shanghai, November 18-19

If you love open source, open source community, technical communication, and to share... here is a special event for you -- annual China open source meeting -- COSCon 2017. It is the first National Conference on the operations of technology community, open source community, open source project promotion.

Nuritzi Sanchez, GNOME chairwoman, Kylie Liang, director of FreeBSD, and Niclas Hedhman from ASF have been invited as keynote speakers. Besides, Kevin Huo, InfoQ founder& CEO, Wei Su, the director of Chinese Information Communication Research Institute and Secretary General of open source cloud computing industry alliance are also invited to make a keynote speech. Our founder, Chunsheng Wang, will also give a speech on How to Run an Open Source Company.

Conference Agenda

Day 1 Open Source Community

  • How is an international open source community operated?

  • How to do open source projects in China and to build an internaitonal community?

  • How to do something on Github?

  • How to run a technical community as a business entity in China?


Opening Speech

Prof. Dawu Gu

Chairman of Shanghai branch of China Computer Society


Opening Speech

Prof. Baohong He

Deputy director of Institute of technology and standards, Institute of information and communication technology of China, executive vice chairman of cloud computing open source industry alliance


Keynote Speech

How is an international open source community operated?


Nuritzi   Sanchez

President & Board of Directors at GNOME Foundation


Keynote Speech

How is an international open source community operated?


Niclas   Hedhman

ex-VP, Apache Polygene, Apache Software Foundation


Keynote Speech

How is an international open source community operated?


Kylie   Liang

Board of Directors at FreeBSD Foundation


Keynote Speech

Thoughts on Local Open Source Community
From InfoQ to GeekFounders

霍泰稳( Kevin Huo)

Founder/CEO of GeekFounder and InfoQ

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


Keynote Speech

Global third party open source component analysis report 2016


Synopsys, Senior Architect for software quality and security


Keynote Speech

The Evolution of Homo Nerdis

Niclas Hedhman

Apache  Foundation


Keynote Speech

How to Run an Open Source Company

王春生 Chunsheng Wang

Founder of Nature Easy Soft, developed ZenTao , Zsite, Zdoo and other open source software


Keynote Speech

On Upstream First Analysis


Technical Translator, author of The Dao of Open Source


Tea Break


Day 2 Get Involved In/Contribute to Open Source Projects

  • Project introduction, Framworks, Developement Guide and Talent Hunt.

  • Test, Issue, Doc translation, and bug resolution.

  • Community manager/volunteer recruitment and training

Speeches and Speakers嘉宾列表@3x.png

We will keep you posted of the COSCon '17. Contact us if you want to know more and be part of it!


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