Features of new ZenTao Cloud

In order to support the growing number of users and their personalized needs, ZenTao Cloud has been upgraded to a general project management platform. The platform is more powerful and experience-friendly. The new version of ZenTao Cloud will no longer be limited to the management of R&D process. On the one hand, the management process has been extended to the strategic level of the company, and the overall strategic planning is carried out through the program > sub-program > project to demonstrate the project's progress. On the other hand, the management model has been improved. The new version adds Kanban and Waterfall management models based on the agile model. It is more functional and more flexible in management. ZenTao Cloud could help users manage projects more effectively with the upgraded features.

I. Impact on old users

  1.  The old site rights and services of ZenTao Cloud would not be affected.
  2.  The ZenTao Cloud site could be upgraded to the new version. The new site adopts container isolation technology, which provides higher security performance and more flexible expansion.
  3.  ZenTao Cloud supports the overall upgrade of new sites and services, but you need to pay the difference. In addition, the advancement of ZenTao service also requires data merging, which can be scheduled in advance so that the platform can provide technical support.

II. Advantages of the new ZenTao Cloud

Features Upgrade

120+ concepts; Supports Agile, Kanban, and Waterfall management models.

New features include design, matrix, review, baseline, issue, risk, opportunity, process tailoring, QA plan, research, training, meeting, etc.

Support the implementation of CMMI and help companies pass the CMMI Assessment.

Container Isolation

Security and privacy

Flexible billing rules

Support extension

Built-in Workflow

Customize fields, actions, interfaces and data information in the built-in process.

Support for extending and rewriting built-in process.

Flexibility to customize and configure the personalized process.

Service Upgrade

One-click to activate, maintenance-free.

Continuous update, the version is automatically upgraded.

Built-in SVN and Git services, without additional configuration.

III. Comparison of the old and new versions' features

Upgrade Content Old version of ZenTao Cloud New version of ZenTao Cloud
Program Management Program


Project Management Kanban Model

Execution Management Task


Burndown Chart

Grouped View

Tree View

Iteration Requirements List

Kanban Management Multi-space

Multi-kanban Management

Custom Kanban

WIP Settings

Card Archive

DevOps Code Management

Merge Request Management

GitLab Server Management

GitLab Project Management

GitLab Group Management

Import GitLab Issue

Link GitLab Account

Workflow Extend Built-in Process

Add Process Fields

Add Process Actions

Support Custom Workflow

Exclusive features of ZenTao Cloud Max Project Gantt Chart

Project Weekly Report

Milestone Report

Review Management

Configuration Management

Project Estimation

Project Metrics

Process Definition and Tailoring

QA Plan

Issue Management

Risk Management

Opportunity Management

Asset Library Management

Research Management

Training Management

Meeting Management

Service ZenTao Open Course

Project Management Open Course

ZenTao Open Course for New Employees

ZenTao Open Course of Industry Sharing

Unlimited communication on Use Problems

Security Complete Isolation of Site Resources

Experience Upgrade New Navigation Interaction System

Flexible Choice of ZenTao Cloud Versions

Flexible billing rules

More Services High Availability

Custom Development

Flexible Expansion of Hardware

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