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ZenTao 8.2.6 has been released! In this release, bugs have been fixed.Change Log908     Story Change canno...
ZenTao Pro 5.3.3 has been released! This release is integrated with ZenTao open source 8.2.6 and fixed bugs.1. Featur...
ZenTao IOS 1.3.1 has been released! Attachement related function is finally here!You can view attachment in Story, Ta...
2999   2016-07-13

ZenTao Pro 5.3.1 is released!

ZenTao Pro version 5.3.1 I is released!About ZenTao Pro versionZenTao Pro version is based on the open source ver...
ZenTao project management system 8.2.2 is released!
4768   2016-03-25

ZenTao 8.1.3 is released!

The open source project management system zentao released 8.1 version.
3024   2015-12-02

ZenTao 8.0 is released!

We're very glad to annouce the release of zentao 8.0 version.
ZenTao 7.3 version is released now, with more than thirty improvements.
ChangelogNow user can move a module to another product by edit it's product field.Sprints and products can be draged t...
ChangelogSupport deb package.Support rpm package.Add cron service using ignore_user_abort feature of php.Now can sen...
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