ZenTao 9.0 beta has been released!

2017-01-09 08:23:00
Summary :ZenTao is the most professional open source and free project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.

ZenTao 9.0 beta has been released! This release is mainly about ZenTao Clould emailing service, interface optimization and bug resolution.

As the number of ZenTao user is growing and the restriction to emailing service is getting strict, ZenTao team has joined hands with SendCloud, a Chinese top email service provider, to offer a reliable and free Email service. Once you submitted verification in ZenTao, you can use free Emailing service. If passed the verification of SendCloud, you can send 200 Emails per day!

Amendant Record

Finished Stories
2150  Optimized Rich Text Editor and Markdown Editor
2154  Adjusted "Import Bug" page
2155  Optimized layout of story related pop-put window优化需求相关任务弹窗页面的排版
2156  Adjusted layout of planned stories
2158  No TBC in advanced table in Stories as default
2159  Source of stories is omitted as default
2165  Adjust padding of navigation at the lower righe

1724  Asynchronised Email sending is integrated
3441  Added verification to binding of open login

3442  Added review to company verisfication
3445  Added signature to Email

Resolved Bug
868  Translated characters in Acceptance of imported stories
878  Closed is listed in AssignedTo when searching
894  Inaccurate notification from SendCloud when no connection to server
895  Invalid keywords when imported cases in csv format
898  Long loading time when related cases are too many in Test->Build
904  Phone number as required field when downloading extensions
913  Wrong notification when Affected Build is empty
931  Duplicated image when press Enter in Description of Create Task
932  Story name cannot display if the name is too long in Project->Task
933  Connection failed error in SVN client of xampp
934  Only one file can be uploaded in creating Work task
936  View others' To-Dos when one has no privileges
939  Fail to reset search
940  Run js script when importing cases
942  Priority can only be numbers as user defined
945  Not a complete date box in 1366 resolution
946  ID is covered in Project->Story->Decomposed Tasks
947  Markdown editor cannot render if no connection to Internet
948  Upgrade ads to Zdoo
950  Wrong search results in Company->User


source code package


One-click package for integrated runtime ( It is ONLY for first time installation. Do Not download it for upgrading)
Windows one-click installation



Linux 64 bit one-click installation

Linux 32 bit one-click installation

Note:Linux one-click installation package has to be unzipped to /opt. There is something wrong with Fedora.

DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian



RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos

Install and Upgrade

installation reference:http://www.zentao.net/book/zentaopmshelp/40.html

upgrade reference:http://www.zentao.net/book/zentaopmshelp/41.html

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Why choose ZenTao


Serving 30,000+ teams

Serving 200,000+ projects

Serving 800,000+ developers

The #1 in local market share

Free & Open

Open source and unlimited to commercial

Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins

Available on Github

Either Self-Host or Cloud Apps


Refined ALM support

Zero downtime upgrades 

Integrate Git and SVN (pro)

Word and Excel import & export (pro)

Preview-Edit-Diff document online(ent)

Integrate OPS-Attendance-Feedback(ent)


ZenTao team has involved in open source since 2004

Frequent releases and free upgrade forever(even self-hosted) 

Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies


Out of the box, Less config

Nice price for small team($9.9)

Design to adhere Scrum Best practice

For Agile but not restrict to Agile


Applicable for different sized teams

Applicable for Agile/Waterfall

Modules can be used in any combination

Convenient customization