Two Software Awards 2017 Are Collected by ZenTao

2017-07-05 13:28:00

ZenTao team is proud to announce the amazing news that ZenTao,our project management system, has won the Rising Star Award for 2017 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award delivered by FinancesOnline which is a reputed software review platform. FinancesOnline also provides a detailed review of ZenTao, where users can find experts' enthusiastical analysis of how ZenTao benefit project management within a team.


Team of experts from FinancesOnline works devotedly to examine hundreds of project management solutions and we are very glad to be included in their best project management software category. According to their experts, ZenTao has exactly what you would expect from a quality project management solution, as it offers an intuitive and simple environment to work, and provides users with all necessary features to manage projects.

As mentioned in the review, ZenTao does a great job managing tasks, stories, and defects. Unlike many project management apps, the reviewers said, ZenTao also gives development teams the possibility to actually finish their jobs instead of just planning for projects. Experts also agreed that for a tool offering all lifecycle management (ALM) ZenTao is very reasonably priced, and they believed our annual subscription plans make the system even more affordable.


Agile and Scrum Tool

If you’re thinking of implementing project management software,try ZenTao for free. Invite your team to use IT, and see how it can help your team work more efficiently.


    Cloud or Private?

    Open Source

    • Free private deployment
    • Open Source
    • Not limited to business
    • Based on ZPL
    • Standard technical support
    Download Demo


    • All Open Source features
    • Powerful private deployment
    • SVN and Git integration
    • Gantt charts, Kanban and work logs
    • Word and Excel import&export
    • SMS notification & Mobile apps
    • Professional technical support
    Free trial  Demo  Price & Buy


    • All Professional features
    • OPS management
    • Attendance management
    • Feedback management
    • Preview documnet Online
    • Diff documnet Online
    • Edit documnet Online(come soon)
    Free trial Demo  Price & Buy


    • All Professional features
    • Get Started by one click
    • No hardware & Maintenance free
    • Built-in SVN and Git
    • Daily backup
    • Switch to private deployment anytime
    ZenTao Cloud
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    open source Scrum Tool


    • 30,000+ teams

    • 200,000+ projects

    • 800,000+ developers

    • 53% of the local market share

    Free & Open

    • Open source and unlimited to commercial

    • Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins

    • Convenient customization

    • Available on Github

    • Under Z Public License


    Refined ALM support

    • Zero downtime upgrades 

    • Integrate Git and SVN (pro)

    • Word and Excel import & export (pro)

    • Preivew-Edit-Diff document online(ent)

    • Integrate OPS-Attendance-Feedback(ent)


    • ZenTao team has involved in open source since 2004

    • Frequent releases and free upgrade forever(even self-hosted) 

    • Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies


    • Best practice that fully supports Scrum

    • Features including test, document, release, plan and backlog

    • For Agile but not limited to Agile


    • Applicable for different sized team

    • Applicable for Agile/Waterfall

    • Modules can be used in any combination

    • Both private deployment and Cloud Apps