ZenTao 6.2 stable version released!

2014-08-27 13:41:00
Summary :ZenTao 6.2 stable version released!
ZenTao 6.2 stable version released!


  • Add a config item of ajaxform timeout, thus user can control the timout seconds manualy.
  • Add a switch of turn off story review logic or not.
  • Add query() method to DAO class, thus user can execute a sql directly, for example: $bugs = $this->dao->query('select * from zt_bug')->fetchAll();
  • Add count() method to DAO class.$count = $this->dao->select('*')-from(TABLE_BUG)->where('status')->eq('normal')->count();
  • When manage priviledge of a group, show the group name.
  • Remove unused js extension.
  • When create story from the sprint page, set the status of the story to active default.
  • Adjust the title and position for every page.
  • When link resolved bugs to a release, don't link the bugs whose resolution is postponed.
  • Show created date, finished date of build in sprint's history page.
  • Add pause status to task.
  • When a case failed, can chose steps to create bug. For example: step1 and step2 ad bug A, step3 to step5 ad bug B.
  • Add same as above feature to batch create bug page.
  • When browse effors page of the company, keep the department and account fixed at left.
  • When link stories to a plan, can use the search form now.
  • Show the story spec on task info page.
  • Adjust the object title of evey edit page.
  • Set the tab index of the kindedtor, thus user can press tab key to get out of the editor.
  • Adjust the logic when move unfinshed tasks from one sprint to another.
  • Add operation buttons to the bug info page opened from the build info page.
  • When move bug to sprint as task, list the postponed bugs also.
  • Add all sprints link in the drop down menu of sprints.
  • Rewrite the control panel of windows stack by lazarus.
  • Order the plans by date reverse in search form.
  • Show related sprints in story info page.
  • Use different color for different status.
  • Rewrite the logic of lengh compute logic in DAO class.
  • When import bug to sprint as task, comput it's module auto.
  • Don't list closed objects for story, task, bug, case list pages.


Source code: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/6.2/ZenTaoPMS.6.2.stable.zip/download

windows stack: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/6.2/ZenTaoPMS.6.2.stable.exe/download

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