ZenTao 15.4 is released

2021-09-13 14:49:54
Summary : This release mainly adds the functions of execution list, story cancellation review, automatic document saving, execution document library, etc. at the same time, it also optimizes the interactive style under the theme style of youth blue, the display mode of secondary navigation drop-down menu, multi person review rules, delay reminder of project list, etc.

ZenTao 15.4 is released

Hello, everyone! ZenTao community edition 15.4 is released. 

This release mainly adds the functions of execution list, story cancellation review, automatic document saving, execution document library, etc. at the same time, it also optimizes the interactive style under the theme style of youth blue, the display mode of secondary navigation drop-down menu, multi person review rules, delay reminder of project list, etc.You are welcome to download and upgrade. 

The functional improvements brought to you by version 15.4 include:

  • The execution list has been added to the execution level navigation so that the execution staff can view all the execution contents involved;
  • Added the requirement revocation review function to avoid the inability to modify in time due to errors in the requirements submitted for review;
  • Increase the automatic saving function of documents to avoid data loss caused by users not saving documents in time;
  • The execution library function is added to the document secondary navigation, which is convenient for users to manage related documents through the document execution library;
  • Optimized the interactive style under the youth blue theme style, making the page presentation more standardized and orderly.Many other detailed functions, including secondary navigation drop-down menu display mode, multi-person review rules, postponement reminders of project lists, etc;
  • Modified records

    Completed requirements:

    27731 Ctrl+click the button to open the page in a new tab

    27955 Remove the name of Zen Tao from the Zen Tao version information in the status bar

    27953 View the structure style of the finished product/execution/project to be consistent with the previous one

    27950 The heads of users in Zen Tao are deformed and unclear

    27947 Add the setting of the execution list in the execution of personalized settings

    27943 Adjust the indentation distance between the item set and the product in the product list

    27942 There is ample space between controls and text in the item setlist

    27933 Adjust the display mode of the implementation/product/project secondary navigation drop-down menu

    27931 The closed executions in each lane in the execution kanban display up to 5 executions

    27930 Add a space between the project name and the execution name in the execution drop-down control

    27929 Keep the spacing between columns and swim lanes in the execution kanban

    27924 The lanes in the execution kanban only focus on distinguishing the colors of the lanes that I participate in

    27922 Implement the execution list function

    27911 The name of the person is displayed when the mouse hovers over the avatar in the project card view

    27909 The font size of the secondary navigation and the tertiary navigation under the youth blue theme is 14px

    27585 Added a postponement reminder for postponed projects in the project list

    27571 Optimize the sorting rules of the project list of the bug submission page

    27565 webhook notification filters out the action notifications of the user's operations

    27531 release to increase notification function

    27518 Project requirements list provides bulk removal of requirements operations

    27348 Add the name of the project to which the task belongs to the list of pending tasks

    26378 Increase the list of team members in the team under the project

    26418 Add copy function during project team maintenance

    15135 Test order adds the field of the completion date

    27575 Realize the personalized setting of the execution page

    27717 When creating tasks in batches, "Estimated start" and "Estimated end" can be selected as above

    27725 The user delete confirmation box displays the name of the user to be deleted

    27749 Added the display of the product/project/execution of the document in the document list

    27754 Add the function of copying project team members when executing

    27771 Add copy function when adding whitelist during execution

    27788 When the project removes team members, it will prompt whether to remove from execution

    27844 The drop-down menu of the document library filters the libraries that the current user does not have permission to access

    27847 Add a save button in the upper right corner when editing a document in full screen

    27848 Requirements that have been submitted for review can be revoked

    27849 The review results need to be recalculated after the reviewers are adjusted

    27851 In the background customization mode, only the operation of switching from the old version to the new model is provided

    27882 The team can be copied directly when adding execution

    27885 Add automatic save function when the document is in editing state

    26345 Added the execution library function in the secondary navigation menu of the document

    Fixed bug

    14280 Universal search shows garbled results

    41266 Solve the CRSF vulnerability mentioned by hunter.dev

    12288 The prompt to rebuild the index is incorrect

    6961 A large number of file export services stop abnormally

    12485 Incomplete display of blocks on the site dashboard

    13792 The project team member is notified of the change in requirements

    13805 MySQL8 code compatibility problem

    13785 Traditional interface custom report has no name

    13379 The display of the batch assignment action page is not friendly

    14175 Release in the project, you can choose the release of the product when you choose the version

    14214 There is no execution data when the use case fails to execute, and the bug is turned into a bug.

    14216 People who are not in the allowlist group can see the customized product library

    10673 The page is not processed when the number of imported test cases exceeds 100

    11967 After the project test case list is submitted for review; there is a submission review page under both the project and the test

    13270 Repeated left navigation

    13270 After adding stakeholders in batches under the Inner Zen Waterfall project, the save is unsuccessful

    13769 In the waterfall project mode, the code module integrated version library page reports an error

    13894 A code error appears in the audit interface

    13894 On the edit page, modify the requirement to be a child requirement of another requirement (this requirement has an associated plan), and the parent requirement is still associated with the plan

    12020 The maintenance module in the use case library clicks to return to the page and gets stuck

    12243 A product has been created, but the page still prompts that no product needs to be created

    12652 Task tag statistics are not updated

    12656 An error message is required when creating a bug

    12735 Cannot modify the project after creation and execution

    12845 Work summary report Completed demand statistics are inaccurate

    13003 After modifying the project permissions, the permission prompt shows that there is a problem

    13042 After creating a document in the product document library, the returned interface does not display the attachment library

    13099 When the pending block of my site is placed on the right side, the display is incomplete

    13111 Execution-Test-Bug code report error

    13259 Webhook Feishu group notification sending failed, the log returned: {"code":19002,"msg":"params error, msg_type need"}

    13486 There is a code error when creating a FAQ page

    13559 New fields in the project built-in process are not displayed in the list

    13355 Test sheet-after requirements are grouped-test sheet parameters are missing on the use case page

    13381 The next one is not supported when viewing the bug in the product plan

    13389 After the user needs are turned off; the software needs to be distinguished, the product interface still displays

    13629 Use case library cannot import use cases

    13771 The search list is inconsistent with the digital display

    13781 "The project cannot be empty" is prompted when creating a batch of bugs and saving

    13783 There are documents and related permissions, but the documents under the iteration cannot be viewed

    13784 Edit the project; the related requirements under the project will be cleared

    13806 After modifying the executed project, the requirements under execution are not brought into the new project

    13808 Duplicate assignee after copying the bug

    13809 An error is reported when clicking the title page of the use case after searching

    13837 Ultimate 2.0 background custom task type does not take effect

    13839 Cannot select the associated version when submitting the test sheet

    13841 After selecting the module, click the requirement list to sort the data display problem

    13844 The actual start time of the task does not take effect after it is set

    13857 An exception occurs when the task of creating a test type is executed without checking the requirement

    13885 The update logic in the demand phase violates each other

    13889 The system language is English, and there is a code error on the build page

    13904 Assigned users are not displayed normally after assigning requirements

    13906 The permission to cancel the editing working hours of the user's group does not take effect

    13958 After the multiplayer mission is completed, it is activated again and does not re-circulate

    13994 When editing a task, the belonging execution jumped

    3094 The time schedule cannot display data

    13002 workload table export data error

    13037 Optimize the display of report content

    13103 The product matrix has no hierarchical display of sub-requirements

    13754 The demand content contains a table, and the export display is incorrect

    13772 Cannot display the execution of the task assignment summary table after exporting

    13969 [Project requirement Phase Distribution Table] and [Project requirement Status Distribution Table] Statistical Issues

    13998 Tasks that have not started, click the log button to record the log, the function is abnormal

    13558 The page reports an error after the project editing action is rewritten

    13729 The secondary navigation is missing after clicking back on the log details page

    13761 Non-R&D interface recording log problem

    13919 New Workflow Process-Label Design-No Response to New Label Click

    13949 New fields are not displayed on the feedback details page

    13997 The interface of the workflow configuration ZenTao plan saves an error

    13487 page has a code error

    Function screenshots

    Add the execution list to the execution of secondary navigation

    Added requirement revocation review function

    Added the execution library function in the document secondary navigation

    Added the execution list to the execution of secondary navigation

    Optimized the interaction style of the youth blue theme style

    Added secondary navigation drop-down menu display method


    Source Code Package Official Website
    One-Click Installation Package for Windows 64 bit 32 bit
    One-Click Installation Packages for Linux
    (unzip to /opt )
    64 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 32 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 64 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-) 32 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)
    PHP Package DEB package RPM package
    ZenTao Desktop Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
    ZenTao Desktop Server Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS


      Installation Manual

      Update Manual

    If you have any questions, contact philip @easycorp.ltd for help or leave a message below. Our team will contact you ASAP.

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