Upgrade ZenTao open source to Pro

2016-06-17 09:40:21
Last edited by Renee on 2018-01-15 10:23:24

This article applies to users who has installed ZenTao open source and want to upgrade it to ZenTao Pro.

1.Download upgrade extension

We offer the upgrade package from the open source version to professional version. You can ask for a up to 6 months free trial. Email us at renee@cnezsoft.com to know more.

2.Ioncube Loader

Install decryption software, Ioncube Loader.
If you are using the latest installation package which inculds ioncube, you can skip this step.

If you are using the uniserver or other PHP environment, you can refer to this article http://www.zentao.pm/book/zentaoprohelp/135.html to install loader.

3.Install ZenTao Pro as extensions

3.1 Login ZenTao as Admin, then go to Admin->Extension and click Local Install. Select the extension package of ZenTao Pro and upload it to install.

3.2 If there is an error, check whether there is an extension folder under the TMP directory. If no, built one.

3.3 If successfully uploaded, click Yes to the License to continue.

3.4 You may have to wait a minute before a successful installation prompt shows.

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