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2019-03-20 11:14:19
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In ZenTao Group, the concept of Project will be all through the management. You can add plans for the Project and synchronize it to the Site. 

1. Add Project

You can add a project by clicking the Add Project at the upper right of the page.



1. Manager will have an impact on how you view projects on the Project Home page as a tag. 

2. Access Control will have an impact on who will be able to view this project.

After creating a project, you will see the display of the project on the Project Home page.


  • Overview: It is a data summary of all sites in ZenTao Group, including the number of stories, the number of tasks, the number of bugs, the number of sprints, the number of plans, and the number of releases.
  • Basic Info: It is the information of a project, including the status, the begin and end date, the department, the manager, the createdby, the projected date, team members, the description, and the access control
  • Plan: It is the development plan that is relevant to this project.


2. Manage Team

Click Team to manage the team member for your project. 


Note: CreatedBy and Manager will be automatically added to the team when either of them creates the project.

You can choose users from the drop-down. The user in the drop-down can be added in Company->User. Click Manage Team 


You can edit the Work Day and Hours/Day for each user. 


After you add team members, the total hours for each user will be summed up, as well as the hours of the whole team.


3. View, Edit and Delete a Project

3.1 View project details

Click View Details of a project.


On the page of a project details, you can manage team members, create a development plan, change the status of the project, edit or delete the project.


3.2 Edit

Go to the page to edit the project, and you can change it according to your requirements.


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