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2022-07-12 09:57:31
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Summary : This article presents the best practice to implement agile flow for better remote team management. Slack and Microsoft Teams standup bots integrations accumulate many factors together. Firstly, it's team collaboration, progress statistics & agile metrics. Secondly, it's a great work organization with all agile processes automated. In this case, standup tools cope best of all.

Discover the best free standup bot built for remote teams that seamlessly integrate with your workflow.

In a changing reality, both business owners and employees need to adapt to new technologies, global trends, and new practices in time. Today is the time when an Agile process management system for remote teams is gaining popularity among European companies and worldwide. Well, statistically speaking, Agile adoption in software teams increased from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021 and foreshadows more growth.

However, Agile culture is not always easy to stick to, mainly if the team is accustomed to working with the good old traditional offline way. Business owners who are used to monitoring employee productivity may find it hard to manage a remote team. Employees, too, may also feel uncomfortable at first, growing accustomed to a new remote agile workflow.

This article presents the best practice to implement agile flow for better remote team management. Slack and Microsoft Teams standup bots integrations accumulate many factors together. Firstly, it's team collaboration, progress statistics & agile metrics. Secondly, it's a great work organization with all agile processes automated. In this case, standup tools cope best of all. 

Overcome Remote Team Managing Challenge With Standup Bots

The greatest advantage of Standup bots - they allow conversations to happen within your working platform rather than in emails or other extra apps. Any team that has a standup bot set in the workflow can follow conversations there. In this case, you reduce the time taken to find information and ask questions that have already been answered. Besides Q/A system, standup bots meet agile culture nicely as well. So, the main value of Standup bots - they properly automate all scrum events, including:

  • Project Management
  • HR & Employee Engagement processes 
  • Fun & Non-work-related activities

You may have met such standup tools as Standuply, AgilePolly, Geekbot, ScrumGenius, and many, many stand-up implementations.  Standup bots are available through hubs like the Atlassian Marketplace, Slack app directory, or Office 365 store.

All bots do differ in details and their unique features, however, they all share many advantages.

Standup Bots Benefits

  • The most valuable agile processes - Daily Standups, Retrospectives, Backlog Refinement, and more. They are run directly within work platforms in a remote format asynchronously. In this way, the standup bot is a real godsend to distributed teams.
  • Your team no longer suffers from organizing and managing meetings through many additional tools like Google Calendar, Zoom video conference, Email, etc. Stand-up bots cover a single place - Slack or a Microsoft Teams workspaces for running and managing scrum meetings.
  • Standup bots can seamlessly integrate with JIRA, GitHub, Asana, Trello, and other task tracking tools. They show product metrics, OKRs, answer analytics, and Agile chart calculus.
  • Run all HR & Customer Service processes within one standup bot in Slack or Microsoft Teams. It combines a wide range of employee engagement tools. E.g. - HR polls & standups, team motivation check-ups, onboarding feedback, Wiki-base, and more.
  • Standup bots can also benefit before any scrum meeting begins. In this way, the facilitator already has statistics and answers prepared in advance. This tiny detail saves precious time a lot.

What is the most remarkable here is that there are now numerous bots on the market with diverse functionality and product conditions. One of the most powerful integrations today is Standuply. Above all, being smoothly implemented into Slack and Microsoft Teams, this standup bot is a solid choice of 35 000+ companies, a 4.5-star rating on Capterra, a 4.8 rating on G2, and the top of the Remote Tools list. Standuply also shines at Product Hunt with a 4.7 rating, 189 reviews, and 12.9K upvotes. 

Standup Bot For Remote Teams: Standuply Is Trusted Worldwide

Standuply is a free Slack and Microsoft Teams all-in-one remote OS that powers remote teams' operations. Standuply bot keeps your remote team connected and high-performed with 20+ agile and HR processes on auto. This is one of the best all-inclusive standup tools trusted by more than 35,000 high-performing teams.

The main information about Standuply is presented on the brand's website, where you can also register and request a free product demo. For a more detailed understanding of how the Standuply works, however, take a look at the Standuply blog.

Be sure that the following Slack standup bot and MS Teams standup bot features will be fully available to your team. 

Standup Bot Features by Standuply

  • 20+ Agile & HR Processes automation (Daily Standup Meetings, Retrospective meetings, Backlog Refinement, Planning Poker, Kanban, Sprint Planning and more)
  • HR Outsourcing Automation - Standuply customer service chatbot with prefilled templates on People Operations topics like human resource networking, benefits surveys and employee NPS, HR systems & product metrics
  • Full app customization (icon, name)
  • Answer analytics and product metrics
  • SOC2 and ISO compliance
  • Compatibility with Trello, Jira, Asana, Github ext. and the ability to configure a customized team task tracker
  • OKRs and Agile chart calculus (burn-down, velocity, and sprint defects)
  • Multi-account administration and enterprise plan for large teams (50+ people) provided
  • Q/A system (enterprise wiki-base for sharing knowledge & insights) and consulting of internal & external product experts 
  • SSO via OKTA integration
  • 30 day trial with all features available, product demo, and 24/7 customer success support service

After five minutes of introducing the functionality and top features of this standup bot, there will be no doubt why Standuply is the best at what it does.

This gif is a great illustration that Standuply goes far beyond standard Slack and MS Teams chatbots and reminders. In addition to Standuply basic scrum ceremonies, you’ll also enjoy Agile meetings like:

  • Automated feedback of tasks - DoD and DoR check-ups.
  • Team Goals standups to keep the team aligned with the main sprint target.

More Agile and HR Processes Standuply Covers

Standuply also shines in the field of HR and puts Human Resource networking on autopilot. There you benefit from the 360 Feedback Servey that tracks the motivation and satisfaction levels of every individual in the company. Remote Employee Onboarding helps newcomers get up to full productivity in a quick and easy way. 

The area where Standuply is particularly good at - the Fun & Social sphere. Run Mood Reportto be aware of the employee motivation level, improve engagement statistics and create a healthy work-life balance by Standuply motivation surveys.

Standuply runs so-called fun meetings where you can plan non-work-related pastimes. So, run the Friday pizza report or maintain working days with interesting matters and share a fun fact of the week with your crew.

In other words, high-performing companies and scrum masters can definitely rely on Standuply as it shares the most popular and effective features in Project Management, Agile, and HR fields.

Choose The Best Slack Standup Bot on the Block

Standuply team presented the agile world with an innovative Standup bot product that acts as a virtual scrum assistant for project management and HR processes. More than 100,000 best-in-class businesses worldwide, such as Slack itself, IBM, Google, etc., have already automated their unique workflows. And we must say that they’re pretty content with the outcome. 

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“Slack and MS Teams stand-up bot integrations for team-building software are one great way to manage your daily stand-up without worrying about anything falling through the cracks.” —— BY EMMA GAROFALO, MUO Team

If you need concrete examples and more analysis, read also articles on choosing the best bots in 2022 for Microsoft Teams platforms. Or for convenience, see the summary table below with all the top features of the Best Slack Standup bots in 2022.

Try Standuply for your use cases:

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