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2022-11-19 17:30:00
Frank Hamilton
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Summary : This article will suggest a simple but effective project management tool perfect for small eLearning teams. Some of the most common tools that eLearning teams use for cooperation include project management software, chat applications, and document-sharing platforms. Have a good time!

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Many project management software tools are available on the market, so it can take time to decide which one is best for your eLearning team. Here is a list of the best project management software for eLearning teams based on our experience and research. So get ready to boost your project!

1. Wrike

Wrike is a work management platform that helps you get more done in less time. Many features are specifically designed for online learning projects. For example, it allows teams to track progress. Besides, it offers story point estimation, velocity tracking, and release planning. You can also create custom workflows and use the Wrike mobile app to stay up-to-date on your projects while you're on the go.

2. Asana

Asana is another great project management tool for eLearning teams. It has many of the same features as Wrike, such as task dependencies, deadlines, and progress tracking. However, it also has some unique features, such as the ability to create custom templates for your projects. For example, suppose you have specific eLearning projects that you often need to repeat. Moreover, Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people.

3. Trello

Trello is a simple but effective project management tool perfect for small eLearning teams. It's easy to use, and you can create custom boards to organize your projects. Best Writers Online, a writing services reviews company, notes that you can add labels, due dates, and checklists to your tasks to help keep your team on track.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a popular project management tool that's been around for a while. It helps eLearning teams to stay organized and communicate easily on to-do lists, file sharing, and progress tracking. It also has a handy "Campfire" feature that lets you chat with your team in real-time, which can be helpful when collaborating on projects.

5. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a cloud-based work management and collaboration platform that enables organizations of all sizes to plan, track, automate, and report on work across the business from any location or device. If you need assistance with manuals, Trust My Paper, an essay-writing company, may assist you with the documentation for your project. When you delegate a task, it is essential to find a good writer.

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It offers features like sprint tracks, velocity charts, and burn-down reports. You can also create custom workflows and use the Smartsheet mobile app to stay up-to-date on your projects while you're on the go.

6. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a great free project management tool for small eLearning teams. It has all the features you need to keep your projects organized, such as task lists, deadlines, and progress tracking. In addition, you can easily share your sheets with other team members and access them from anywhere using the Google Sheets mobile app.

7. ZenTao

ZenTao is the perfect solution for eLearning teams who need a flexible and scalable system to manage their activity. With it, teams can easily create and track tasks. ZenTao is the perfect open-source solution for eLearning teams. It has everything you need to manage your eLearning projects effectively. It is easy to use and install and is free for small groups.

With ZenTao, you can:

  • Manage your projects using the agile scrum methodology
  • Track and manage your eLearning content
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Get detailed reports on your project's progress

ZenTao is the perfect tool that is easy to install and install and free for small teams.

For eLearning teams. Try it today!

8. Podio

Podio is a cloud-based project management and collaboration software platform that enables users to work together on projects of all sizes. Podio is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries and offers a wide range of features and integrations to help teams get work done. In addition, Podio is easy to use and customize, making it a popular choice for organizations that want a flexible and user-friendly project management solution.

9. Flowdock

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Flowdock is a chat and collaboration tool for software development teams. It's designed to help teams manage their work by providing a place to discuss code, share files, and track tasks. Flowdock has several features that make it well-suited for software development teams, including:

  • A robust chat system that makes it easy to have conversations about code, share files, and track tasks
  • An integration with GitHub that makes it easy to keep track of code changes and discuss them with your team
  • A "flows" feature that allows you to create custom streams of information for your team (for example, you could create a flow for each project you're working on)
  • A mobile app that allows you to stay connected to your team even when you're away from your desk

If you have a team and want to improve collaboration ad onboarding level, pick one of these great options to consider. Good luck in your endeavours!

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