7 Best Alternatives to Jira Self-Hosted 2021

2021-10-19 16:00:06
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Summary : There are many agile management tools that can be Jira alternatives. Learn more about them and why ZenTao is the best Jira alternative in the market.

7 Best Alternatives to Jira Self-Hosted 2021

When talking about project management tools, Jira often comes to mind first. But since Jira announced  that there will be no more Jira Service Desk, customers started looking for Jira alternatives to help them in project management.. It can be such a headache to many people because they have to do product integration again. Worse, there are apps that only work on servers such as Insight Discovery. 

Actually, there are many other agile management tools to use as Jira alternatives. Some of them are open-source like Jira, while some have paid packages. All of them are Agile or Scrum tools that are self-hosted, so they can be customized and optimized for your business needs.


ZenTao is an open-source project management scrum tool. While Jira uses issue tracking, ZenTao uses stories and bugs to track issues. It's a very brilliant idea for application lifecycle management as this gives you the ability to track things with utmost transparency.

ZenTao is offered in three versions: Open Source/Community, Pro, and Biz


ZenTao Community is an open-source Jira alternative and this version is free for commercial use. It features Kanban, Burndown Chart, Bug Tracking, Story, Sprint, Test Management, and more. However, functionalities like Gantt, Word, and Excel exportation and importation aren’t available. 


ZenTao Pro is a paid version that has all the features of the ZenTao Open Source but has Gantt, Word and Excel import and export, Mobile app, and Crystal Report.


ZenTao Biz is a step up from the ZenTao Pro with its inclusion of Collabora office, DevOps Management, Feedback Management, and Customized Workflow features. 



Taiga is an open-source Jira alternative best used as a project management platform by startups, designers, and agile software developers. It’s intuitive and simple 

Taiga features a free Jira alternative for public projects. The free version can be used by up to 15 users and can be utilized for up to 5 private projects. Its Premium version features unlimited users and projects, plus premium support and project backups. If you need a self-hosted Jira alternative, Taiga has an on-premise solution that’s recommended for large teams who want to customize the platform and host it in their servers.


OpenProject is another open-source Jira alternative with a wide set of features and plugins.  It supports project timelines / Gantt charts, issue tracking, wiki, document management, time and cost reporting, code management, Scrum, and much more.


Kanboard is a simple visual task board and project management software. It’s a free Jira alternative perfect for small teams that need a minimalist platform that works.  The number of available features in this open-source alternative to Jira is limited compared to other paid software.


Restyaboard is a Kanban board application that has free and paid options. The Free option is an open-source Jira alternative with basic features. On the other hand, there are Pro and Enterprise paid options that can be customized or hosted on-premise. 


While Restyaboard is often seen as a Trello alternative, the myriad of features that can be acquired on paid options  - such as offline sync, diff/revisions, nested comments, multiple view layouts, chat, and more - make the platform an effective Jira alternative.


Tuleap is an application lifecycle management (ALM) software that can be used to manage all kinds of teams. This open-source Jira alternative offers freedom and flexibility perfect for Agile and DevOps teams. 


Whether you want a self-hosted Jira alternative for on-premise configuration or a cloud-based platform that gives you a complete and easy setup, Tuleap is the software to consider. Centralize all project activities in a single solution that makes it convenient to plan, track, develop, deliver, and maintain quality software.


Odoo is more than just a project management tool that’s an alternative to Jira. It's an integrated business application suite that includes accounting, human resources, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, and more.


In comparison to the paid business suite, the free and open-source community version has fewer features. Its project management software provides a Kanban-style task-tracking view for agile teams, which was revised in Odoo 11.0 to include a progress bar and animation for project status tracking. Gantt maps, assignments, problems, graphs, and other features are included in the project management tool. Odoo has a vibrant community and offers user manuals as well as other educational materials.

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