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2016-06-17 09:16:35
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First of all, thank you for all your support on ZenTao.

We have been thinking about launching the Professional Version for quite a long time. Based on feedbacks from ZenTao users and senior developers within the IT industry, ZenTao team have added several features to ZenTao Pro. Our intention to launch ZenTao Pro is to provide more ideal service and features, such as the Gantt chart, Kanban, Excel export. Those service and functions cater to features of IT projects.  Meanwhile, these functions of ZenTao Pro will be published on our official website for users to download separately.

As for your questions on ZenTao Pro, I would like to answer them one by one.

1. Why do we launch ZenTao Pro? Is ZenTao no longer open source?

We have been determined to open source, whether it is entirely an open source, to solve problems for its users free of charge, or to continuously upgrade its version and functions. From all we have offered, our determination to open source can tell. The reason that we have launched ZenTao Pro is that we do it for survival rather than for profit. ZenTao can keep optimized only when our team survive in this world first. If ZenTao team no longer exist due to financial insufficiency, ZenTao will lose vitality and gradually disappear. This means here will be one less free and open source software for users, and no one wants to seet it happening.

It has been ups and downs for the whole open source community, and especially in China. We will keep making efforts to open source in our own way. ZenTao team would like to make a statement here: To charge is to better open source.

2. Is ZenTao open source version still available?

ZenTao open source version will continue updating and released every two months.

3. What is the difference between ZenTao and ZenTao Pro?

As mentioned earlier, ZenTao Pro is to provide a better service for the IT enterprises and departments. In addition to those enhanced features, ZenTao Pro users will get a complete set of after-sales technical support services, which can help users know ZenTao faster so to cut the cost of learning and maintenance.

4. What is the price of ZenTao Pro ? 

ZenTao Pro rate is calculated by the number of users and the time. So it has one year license and permanent license, the five license minimum initial purchase is required. For detailed quotations, please contact us at renee@cnezsoft.com.

5. What is the aftersales of ZenTao Pro?

ZenTao team will continue to provide technical support for all users, while ZenTao Pro users can use our 1ON1 aftersales service. For more details, please see the the list of ZenTao Pro service.

6.What is the features of ZenTao Pro? 

Please refer to feature description page.

7. Can the features of ZenTao Pro be purchased separately?

Some features of ZenTao Pro are released as extensions, and users can download them seperately. However,  these extensions do not have the technical support provided for ZenTao Pro users.
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