General installation

2016-06-17 09:40:21
Last edited by Yves on 2017-12-01 14:31:02
This article applies to the users who use other PHP operating environment to ZenTao Pro.

1. Prepare the PHP operating environment.

Firstly install the Apache, PHP, MySQL operating environment. A wide variety of integrated installation environment can be used in Windows. Linux can be installed with the package management tools for each system.

2. Download the installation package of ZenTao Pro

2.1 If you have tried ZenTao Pro, please use the installation package provided by the customer service. Please contact to get a valid one month free trial package.
2.2 Please find the ZenTao Pro in and download the the installation package. (The number of users is up to 3 and valid for 6 month.) After download, please extract it to the WWW or Htdocs directory of apache.

3.Install ioncube loader

Please refer to this article to install ioncube loader:

4.Run the installation of ZenTao Pro

Use your browser to access the http://localhost/zentaopms/, and then implement according to the wizard step by step. For more details please refer to
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